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Our Classroom Expectation and Rules

AOE Club Rules


  1. The club is open to the community. Everyone has the equal opportunity to join the club by going through the enrollment process. Nobody can discriminate any member or exclude a team member from attending club activities;

  2. Club puts the team member’s safety as the first priority. No member can do anything to cause harm to other members. Anyone who violates this rule will be expelled;

  3. Every member should go through an enrollment process. Once the member is accepted, the due club fee should be collected. Each member will receive a club t-shirt after formally joining the club and it is required to wear it for all club events including the class;

  4. New member who wants to try the club, one free trial class will be offered. The full refund will be provided if the student decides to withdraw after the trial class. 50% of the club fee will be refunded if the student decides to withdraw within a month. No refund after one month. Club fee is only applied to regular club meet. Expenses for other activities will be the responsibility of the parents. The parents can voluntarily choose to attend other activities including the formal competitions;

  5. Team roles are open for club members in a competitive base. The best fit gets the role the member applies for;

  6. Every student is required to report to the regular meet on time. If the student cannot attend, he/she needs to have a writing notice from the parent submitted to the coach at least four hours before the class (emergency is excused). If the student needs to leave early, the coach needs to be notified before the class starts;

  7. All students need to be picked up by their parents or guardians. The parents need to notify the coach if someone else will pick up their kids;

  8. All students are responsible for creating a safe, positive, friendly and equitable learning environment. Students must follow instructions and guidance. If there is an outdoor activity, the student must remain in the vicinity that the coach specifies. If the student needs to step out of the boundary, the coach must be first notified with whereabout and the time of return. An approval must be obtained from the coach. Anyone who violates this rule will be expelled;

  9. Every member shall respect coaches and his/her peers in the club. There shall be no verbal abuse or physical abuse to other members. Anyone who violates this rule will be expelled from the club;

  10. Materials and parts are the properties of the entire team. In the beginning of each club year, team members will receive the due parts. Anyone who causes loss or damage to the materials and parts will need to re-purchase those materials and parts using his/her own money. Normal wearing is acceptable. All work results, including digital documents or paper documents are the properties of the club. Nobody can delete or damage the work results. Anyone who violates to this rule will be expelled and damage needs to be paid back to the club. All team and club websites, email accounts, social media accounts and file storage accounts are the properties of the club.  Nobody can change, delete or damage those accounts or the contents stored in those accounts.  Anyone who violates to this rule will be expelled and damage needs to be paid back to the club;

  11. Every team needs to safe keep their parts. When the class is over, the team needs to conduct an inventory check to make sure the parts are collected properly and put in a safe place. No team can take the parts that are not belonging to the team;

  12. During class, nobody shall disturb the other members or interrupt the teaching. The first offense will be warned and the offender needs to put in another room for 10 minutes. The second offense will be reported to the parent and the parent needs to come to take the student home. The third offense will be denied for any club activities for a month. The offender will be expelled if the person keeps disrupting the class;

  13. Every member is required to attend club activities. You are moved to the Observers team if you miss two classes/meetings during the competition season or if you miss three classes/meetings in the off season. You shall not miss the formal competition event;

  14. Every member is required to do cleanup and return the shared tools to the proper place;

  15. Careless damage to the properties of the event host or the equipment of the club needs to be paid by the student who caused the damage;

  16. The food and lodging will not be covered by the club during all the activities;

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